Tuesday, February 3, 2015

easy ribbed scarf free crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2015

This pattern is extremely easy to work up, and should finish just under 5 inches wide and approximately 48 inches long.
One skein of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (100% Acrylic, 364 yards) will be enough yarn to crochet 2 complete scarves with a tiny ball of yarn leftover. This is a perfect scarf pattern to use for crochet charities or gifts!
I'm sure this pattern may be similar to many others, as it is a very basic scarf, using very basic stitches, but I specifically created this pattern with these dimensions to meet the requirements needed to be donated to Operation Gratitude.
Materials: Red Heart Yarn (or something similar) and a size I hook

Step #1: Chain 168, DC into the 4th chain from the hook and across, chain 3, turn

Step #2: DC in the back loop of each stitch across, chain 3, turn. Continue to DC in the back loops across each row until you have completed a total of 10 rows of DC
If you do not know what a back loop is, please click here to see a picture that will show you clearly.

Step #3: Finish off!

* This pattern is easy to adjust if you want to crochet a different sized scarf. To change the width, simply add or leave off rows, and to change the length, add or leave off chains in the first step. If crocheting in the back loops is too difficult for you, you can still complete the scarf using the basic DC stitches, needing only a total of 8 rows rather than 10.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. I'm starting to learn how to crochet (I started maybe half a year ago), and I've been doing all right with basic projects, but I cannot for the life of me follow pattern instructions! Could you maybe give me a hint as to how exactly they work? I mean with the abbreviations and what exactly "turn" and double loop and stuff like that mean in crochet-language?

  2. Sure! I'm not sure where to start, other than say that I taught myself, and I usually have issues with patterns myself, which is why I tend to create my own. My projects seem to not turn out how they should with other patterns I Have tried (which tend to be the free ones online), so that is why I just make my own. You do need to know the abbreviations and such. SC means single crochet (which is usually the most basic stitch you learn), DC means Double Crochet. There are lots of others too, such as HDC (Half Double Crochet). When I state chain 3 and turn at the end of each row, I say that because you need to turn the entire piece to start the row over again, always going from right to left. The chain 3 on the end before you turn helps to allow room for the tall DC stitch on the end. I will look for some good links and put them in here to help. I'll try to write up another comment for you later tonight with the links. I've also been thinking about putting some posts together with some how-tos type of stuff.

  3. Here are some link for abbreviations: http://the-hook-brings-you-back.blogspot.com/p/crochet-lingo-abbreviations.html
    And here is a link to instructions for several crochet stitches: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/crafts-hobbies/Crocheting/Stitches.html
    That last link also explains the turning bit I was trying to explain, though they explain it as turning then adding the extra chains, rather than add the extra chains and then turn like I do...but same thing.
    Hope that helps some!

  4. And don't hesitate to ask me more, I'll try to help!

    1. Thanks muchly:D All of your instructions were most helpful!