Monday, February 9, 2015

Grantchester episode 4

I finally got to watch episode 4 in Grantchester. I had been waiting for it all week, then when it came on Sunday night I was just not in the mood to watch it. I think I was just feeling slightly cranky from being sick. But I really enjoyed watching in on demand tonight! I think I love this show because it has such a calmness, a small town feel, and a slow pace. I love watching the world through Sidney, how he lives such a peaceful and steady life. Of course he is out solving murders, but there is something nice about seeing him caring about people along his way, going out of his way to help everyone and anyone. I like seeing people genuinely care about others, especially when they are willing to take action to show it. I think we need more of that in our world. I love how he lives in such a small town that he just rides his bike wherever he wants to go. I think his minimalism is somewhat pleasing. I also liked that he handled some serious topics in this episode with grace and respect. He is a pretty admirable character.
Now, for some reason or another, the show ended with me craving to watch Titanic and the first season of the newer shows in Doctor Who. I have no explanation.  

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