Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sons of Liberty

Sunday night my husband and I decided to watch the first episode of Sons of Liberty, which then turned into a super late night of watching all three episodes. All I can say is....wow!
I was so impressed with this new show, I did not expect to like it much at all. It was kind of an eye opener to what went on during the start of our nation and had me hooked almost immediately. I cannot wait until the second season starts! This show has made me very intrigued to learn more about our founding fathers and hope to find some interesting reading material on them sometime this year. I never realized how brave these men really were during that time to stand up for what was right. Amazing! I definitely recommend this series to anyone who is interested in our founding fathers. As of right now these episodes are available on demand through cable, and I believe you can also watch the three episodes on the History channel's website here. If you do, let me know what you think!


  1. Is that the show that has the guy who plays Neal in OUAT playing Paul Revere? We saw a preview of that once, and my brother and I were both freaking out that it was Neal;D

    1. YES! I never noticed him in the previews, and was all surprised to see him in the show! He is actually Paul Revere. I did this silly quiz on the History channel's website while checking out if the episodes were available there, to see which Sons of Liberty character you are most like...I got Paul Revere. And I will say, it made me feel like I was a little like Neal, too! LOL

    2. *fangirling* YAY! I must check it out, now.

      That's awesome! Haha it would me as well;)