Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spongebob and dolls

Our family went out yesterday, we braved the cold! I was glad to discover that we actually had snow boots for our girls from last year, tags still on them, and amazingly still fit them! We ate out at Applebee's and saw the new SpongeBob movie in the theaters. It was an overall fun day. I do love SpongeBob (who doesn't?), but I have a deep disgust for movies that combine animation and real live actors. They just crawl under my skin! I was able to make it through the move though (it helped that the first part of the movie was all animation) without going insane.
I also picked up some more yarn last night. I have had a deep desire to create a doll lately, so I picked out some yarns to make an Ariel doll for myself and let my girls each pick out yarns to create a doll for them as well. Ariel worked up quite quickly with knitting looms (I purchased a small set last night), and I crocheted her dress (and her little golden shoes are loom knitted). I do plan to make Ariel a tail to fit over her legs and a seashell top. First I will have to make a Jasmine and Aurora doll for my daughters. They have been hovering over my entire process, excited for their dolls. For now though, I need a break from yarn!
I dug out my dippy pen and ink today. I have been wanting to practice copperplate writing again. I received a letter from my friend the other day (which I was super happy about!) and decided it would be fun if I could write with my dippy pen more fluently so that I could use it to write her letters. Not sure if I will accomplish that, but I thought it would be fun to try! I like using graph paper for practicing, and I have a cute little Frozen tin that holds all my pen nibs. After watching my shows tonight I plan to have a bit of fun practicing.
Aside from all of that, not much has been going on here. Watching all the snow falling, staying indoors keep warm! 

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