Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I went to bed last night with my throat feeling suspicious, and awoke today with a confirmation, I am sick. I've basically been a sleeping dragon on our couch all day, ready to spew fire at whoever disturbs me. My youngest was needing a lot of help with her math today, my oldest was having issues with her laptop, so school was put away after about 2 hours in so that I could plop my scaly fire breathing body on our couch once again, giving in to the inevitable. I tried watching a few TV shows until I realized that I always fell asleep before I ever saw the endings. So I just set it to a Big Bang Theory marathon and let it go. Then I could dose in and out of my sleepy dreams always aware of what was happening. I am feeling a bit flustered as I seem to be making no connection at all to do any sort of energy work on myself, so I must muster through it. My oldest daughter is also feeling under the weather in a different way. She has been getting a lot of aches and pains here and there, and everywhere. Why? Could be growing pains, side effect from one of her meds, strain from her dance classes, arthritis symptoms, or just plain Crohn's discomfort. She is taking it all like a champ with a much needed hug here and there. So our house is moving quite slow today, simply awaiting bedtime so that we can crash. Hopefully all will be well once again tomorrow!

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