Saturday, February 14, 2015

an old memory

To celebrate Valentine's Day we all went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I would say which, but I am pretty sure I would completely misspell it. It was delicious! My hubby said he was going to surprise me with the restaurant pick and that the experience would rekindle an old memory. Once he said that, I knew exactly where he was taking all of us. Our very first Valentine's Day together we wanted to eat out and had a terrible time finding somewhere. My husband was new to the idea of needing to make reservations on Valentine's Day and there was just no room anywhere. We eventually found a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant (that really was not very good), and enjoyed our first Valentine's Day dinner together. We literally drove around for over an hour trying to find somewhere, I will never forget! So we had the fun sharing our little memory with our girls. Our lunch today was delicious, we even took home some chips and salsa. I've been shamelessly snacking on them all night!
We also decided to celebrate getting our taxes this week too. We gave our girls each $20 to spend in Toys R Us. I was also elated to discover there was a Barbie and Ken 2-pack from The Princess Power line, which means they are superheroes! I have been wanting a superhero doll to crochet some capes for, so needless to say, I purchased them for myself. I will be having a lot of fun crocheting for them. I think I have officially failed my goal of not purchasing more dolls this year. Again, I felt justified by them being one sale and the fact that I don't own a Ken doll to use as a crochet model. Either way, I now have two awesome superhero dolls to crochet for!
I also had to make a stop at Joann's Fabric store. I saw last night online that they are having a yarn sale. I cannot believe how much yarn I got today. I ended up buying 8 skeins of yarn for only $11. Joann's has some amazing sales sometimes! So I am ready for our bad weather to roll in tonight and tomorrow. We are suppose to get snow and winds up to 50 mph. I will be cozy inside with my family, happily crocheting some Barbie and Ken clothes!

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