Wednesday, February 11, 2015

blogger celebration

I am venturing into the unknown and trying to participate in a little blogger celebration started by Edge of Night. Arwen Undomiel from Meanwhile, in Rivendell has nominated me, so thank you! From what I am gathering, it is basically to help bloggers recognize fellow bloggers for their wonderful efforts and talents in what they do. Here are the rules of how to participate if you are nominated, quoted directly from Edge of Night:
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you've nominated in the post. 
      • Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you've nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing! (It happens LOL).

So, here it goes:
I am probably repeating myself a bit, as I just recently wrote up a post to celebrate my 2 year blogaversary, but I started this blog originally to share my creative writing pieces. I tend to struggle emotionally in dealing with my oldest daughter's chronic illness and my own OCD, so writing can be a huge outlet for me. Lately, so far this year, my writing has shifted from poetry and short stories to more journaling based writing. I also like to share my crochet patterns that I create on here as well.
Advice for other bloggers? I am not sure I would say I am the one to give it, but I will try. I think posting material on your blog regularly is important. Even it if means you tend to your blog only once a week. I also think it is important to acknowledge any reader that makes the effort to comment on your blog. Part of the fun of having a blog is interacting with other bloggers, so make sure you take the time to dig around in the world of bloggers and start participating!

Now, I will do my best to come up with 15 bloggers whom I have grown to appreciate....

-Arwen Undomiel at Meanwhile, in Rivendell
-Clare at Peace, Love, Cranes
-Miss Missy at Miss Missy Paper Dolls
-Julie Mathews at Paper Doll School
-M. J. Joachim at Lots of Crochet Stitches
-Marianne at Life as we Know It
-Rachel at Paper Thin Personas
-Emily at The Toy Box Philosopher

I will have to keep thinking!


  1. Yay, you did it! *joy*

    Good advice! I've found that the more regularly I post, the better my posts are, and the more relaxed in general I feel (it's an outlet for me, too). :D

  2. I am still not always good at posting regularly. I am really good for a phase, and then I tend to need a break from blogging. I need to learn how to ration my posts!