Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easter Eggs

I came across a photo of Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, each color designated to their own basket, with a caption explaining to have kids look for only a certain color so one child does not get all the eggs. We do something similar in our house, always have. I clicked to read some of the comments and was shocked to read so many negative comments about how it is so stupid and fostering kids to grow up thinking they deserve everything. I come across this line of thinking a lot in others, and it kind of infuriates me. Funny how they are feeling so entitled themselves to be so judgmental to so many people whom they know nothing about, right?
This ignorance infuriates me on several levels. The first, as I just mentioned, is the disgusting act of one being so judgmental, to the point of being vulgar in how they give this judgment, as if they are the know all. It boggles my mind how someone can be so hard on another, but are completely clueless to their own fault.
The second way that this infuriates me is simply the ignorance on how a child learns and grows. I don't think that a five year old girl getting Easter eggs even when she has an older, much more observantly quick brother, will teach her that she gets everything she wants. I believe that it teaches love. There is most definitely many more ways to teach kids that we cannot live with the expectations that the world will fall at our feet, such as when this little girl is 14 and cannot wait to get her license, or when she is 16 and has to work to buy her own car. Or even more obvious, studying to get a good grade. I despise how some parents shuck off the responsibility of teaching with the excuse that they will just mix all the Easter eggs and foster greediness. There is a time and a place for lessons. Easter especially, is a time to learn about love. Why do so many think that it is okay to give such a harsh reality to ones so young when it dually sends the message that their loved ones treat them with such abrasiveness? I want my daughters to grow up happy, feeling fulfilled in their childhood. This is super important to me as our family has been ravaged by Crohn's Disease, stealing much of childhood along with it. I am a proud to say as a parent I am pleased that both my daughters receive trophies for simply participating in dance class. I am proud to say that I will reward my daughters with praise for their effort, even if it falls short of a win. I am proud to say that I label my daughters' Easter eggs with their initials to ensure they both have a smile on Easter. I love those smiles, they need those smiles. And I hope that when my oldest is crying out in pain that she will have those memories to hold onto. But I wont think twice about making sure my daughters understand that we all have a responsibility in this world. A responsibility to do our part, earn our part, be our part, whatever that might be. But, I think so many adults need to remember there is a time and a place for lessons, and there is a time and a place to show love and kindness. It is sometimes very saddening to hear how many get so confused about this. 


  1. I'm surprised it had so many negative reviews; I'd heard of that idea too and thought, "Great idea! That'll eliminate needless strife on one of the most joyous days of the year!" Ah, well.

    I think your children will have wonderful memories of a love- and joy-filled childhood, whatever may come later.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts! I always find it, well not necessarily surprising, but shocking, when I come across such negativity for something that really doesn't need it. I suppose that is the way of some people, and others, such as myself, will just blog my responses! LOL

  3. Haha, yes!

    By the by, I've added you to my blogger recognition award on my blog:D

  4. I have no idea what that is, but sounds awesome! Thanks! I will check it out.