Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homemade Replacement Cutie Pops Hair

I've had this idea for some time, and just finally went ahead and followed through. I thought I would put the idea out there for all those moms with little girls who have lost all their Cutie Pops hair, or have found their hair in a disastrous clump! It is quite simple, and allows one to really get creative by picking different types and colors of yarn. So here we go:
Materials needed: yarn, scissors, pencil, thick sheet of foam, and crochet hook (optional)
Step #1: You will need a thick sheet of foam that can be found in craft stores, costing about $.99 each. These sheets are thicker than the general foam sheets found, and one sheet will make a TON of bases for new Cutie Pops hair. You will need to trace the heart at the bottom of an existing hair piece, which is no easy task with the nob poking out of the bottom! But this heart does not have to be perfect. I would suggest keeping your first one to use to trace for others so that you don't have to keep doing this awkward step over and over again. You can also gently push the foam sheet against the heart on the head until it leaves an impression. Then you can cut that out to use as your base. Make sure that your heart fits snuggly into the heart shaped hole on the doll's head. 
Step #2: You now need to cut a small slit into each side of the heart to allow a piece of yarn to slide into it. Make sure to use the same color as the yarn you will use for the pony tail so that it can easily blend in. 
Step #3: Cut a bunch of strands of yarn all the same length, making sure that the length is exactly how long you want the pony tail to be when it is folded in half. So, basically, the length should be double how long you want the hair to be in the end. You can cut a lot of yarn or a small amount of yarn. You can mix yarns or use all the same, it is up to you!
Step #4: Pull the yarn around the foam heart snug and place the bundle of yarns pieces you cut in the previous step on the opposite side of the heart, wrapping that initial strand of yarn that is slid into the sides of the heart, around the bundle, tying a knot. Make sure to try and place this knot around the center of the larger bundle of yarn pieces.
Step #5: Cut another strand long enough to blend in with the rest, tying it around the entire bundle of yarn as depicted in the picture. Tie this yarn in a knot and allow it to blend with the rest of the yarn. This is also a good time to snip all the ends so that they are even.
This is what your new pony tail should look like! You may need to make 2 if you own a Cutie Pops doll with 2 pigtails. You can actually be finished if this works for you, or you could take the crochet hook and any type of yarn to crochet a little hair thing to go around the base of the pony tail. For mine, I used an I hook and Red Heart yarn, making a loop of 6 chains and 1 row of DC stitches. Very simple! You could also just create a long chain with a couple of rows of SC to use as a ribbon to tie around the pony tail. Or even an actual ribbon! Just be creative and have fun!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it will help add a bit of beauty and fun to an old doll! And if you want to crochet a matching dress for your Cutie Pops, you can click here for a free pattern!

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