Sunday, February 8, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake Styling Doll Review

I am kind of in love with this doll. I have been wanting her for several months, randomly find one in a store on occasion. I would grab her and carry her around the store, then returned her to the shelf. This weekend I finally gave in. I stood starring at the box in my hands debating back and forth on if I should just get her or not. I puffed a bit of her strawberry scent to my youngest daughter, which only enhanced her desire for me to get the doll for myself, and then puffed the strawberry scent to my oldest daughter, whom immediately changed her stance, telling me I had to get her! It was decided, I needed to have this doll!
Her illustration on the front of the box is adorable. I always think Strawberry Shortcake is cute, so I am not surprised to see this illustration portraying her sweet personality. I took all of these photos after I removed the doll from her box, so I wont do an overall shot. 
Here is a photo taken of the back of the box. It shows the two best friends that are in this line of dolls, this specific larger size. I am a little bummed that they did not design more of these larger dolls. I think it would have been nice to have more choices, as for me, smelling lemon is definitely off the table. The packaging was a bit frustrating to remove the doll from. It had those cheap plastic twist ties, but they seemed to be unnecessarily everywhere.  
Here is Strawberry out of the box. She is about 11 inches tall, a tad shorter than Barbie dolls. She does feel a little heavier than a Barbie doll, but not at all too heavy. Her dress is white and pink and velcros closed down the back. I do think it is a little tough pushing her hands through the sleeves of the dress, and would imagine a little one would get frustrated. Each hand has a different pose, the left is more open and the right hand is more closed as if it is ready to hold something. I think that is kind of fun to have the different hand poses. It might be fun to make some crafty things for her to hold in her right hand, too.
Her shoes are bright read and molded onto her, so you cannot remove her shoes. I think some people might dislike this, but it can also be great for young ones as they wont ever lose her shoes. My specific doll did have a weird dark brown spot on the white of her tights just above her red right show. I am afraid it will have to stay, as I don't want to remove the white paint on her tights trying to remove the brown spot. It is unfortunate, but something I can deal with.
Speaking of her tights, they are also painted on. Like most dolls, Strawberry is also wearing her undies over her tights! Her undies actually are pretty, with molded ridges/strips and a bow in the front. She is articulated in the legs, shoulders, elbows, and head. She does have more of a straight body shape as opposed to Barbies or Monster Highs with such a curvy body type. This makes perfect sense, as Strawberry is suppose to be a little girl. You can also see her different hand poses much better in this photo.
Her face is very much like her animation. She has that slightly oblong shaped face from the right to left, a tiny pointed noise, large eyes, and her bright smile. Her face paint is pretty basic, with a few freckles (that are hard to see in the photos) between her eyes. I like that her eyebrows are even pink! The different colored greens in her eyes are also a nice touch.
Her hair is a nice bright red and pink. There is actually different shades of red and pink mixed throughout her hair. It is very pretty. Her hair had quite a bit of gel in it across the bangs and the part of her hair just behind the bangs. I thought it was strange, as this was intended to be a hair styling type of doll. It did work itself out quickly enough though, so it isn't too much of a problem. Plus, I suppose it is possible the gel is a good thing, as you get the doll with her bangs in the right place straight out of the box. I did have to trim some of her bangs, a few stray pieces that weren't lining up right, but nothing too terrible.
The rooting of this doll's hair is a bit strange to me. It is very spaced out, to the point of me saying that I would normally be very disappointed. However, with that said, it is surprising how it really does not show much when her hair is down. They did a good job of having a lot of hair towards the top of her head to give her a full look. But remember, this is a hair styling doll. You put her into pigtails and she is practically bald. I can't imagine little ones will care about that though, and for myself, I prefer her pretty hair down anyways. Her haircut has a lot of layers in it which I think helps it to lay nicely and look so pretty. At first I was thinking that she should have just had straight long hair without layers to help make the hair play more fun, but I can see how her layers really helps add to the look of this doll and make the hair more manageable for little ones. I also noticed that there were a lot of times I would find a hair from a plug that would eventually wind its way back into her head through a different plug. This meant it was not easy to actually comb through her hair. I did manage to kind of wiggle all those hairs where they belonged, but I would assume that a young one would just become frustrated that the comb would get stuck, or just rip right through it causing some hair to fall out.
The other things that were included in the box is a simple red comb, 2 pink hair extensions, 2 red barrettes, and her traditional green bow in a barrette form. The barrettes to stay nicely in her hair, but I would advice against combing the extensions. As you can see in the photo, one hair extension is pretty wild and crazy, that is the one I combed.
Overall, I really actually love this doll. I am a bit partial to Strawberry Shortcake, as I grew up with the original dolls. But she is so vibrant in color, a nice new size of doll, and she is absolutely adorable. I am a sucker for dolls with red hair, painted on clothing pieces, and striped tights. Plus, I love strawberries. I am glad I finally gave in and purchased her! I do think that a little more work could be put into the doll's hair to improve her hair play ability, especially for little kids, but that does not cause me to hesitate on how much I like her.

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