Monday, February 9, 2015

some ramblings

I actually had to venture out of my house today, in the freezing cold! I kept checking my email hoping that my daughters' dance class would get canceled. It wasn't. I was correct in thinking that it was so cold it feels like you are walking around naked, no matter how many layers you have on. That wind is unbearable! I don't know how I can complain though, after living in Alaska. Alaska is by far much colder. You acclimate in Alaska though. It can be so much colder, and you are comfortable walking around outside with your coat unzipped, no hats or mittens. Here, we get a cold front and I am ready to stock up on food and just peer out the window for as long as my life will allow. I made it home in one piece though. I am back in comfortable pajamas, beneath a warm blanket, pattering at the keyboard.
I had to give my oldest daughter's GI doctor a call today. During our last visit, we were instructed to up a dose of one of her major medications from 4-1/2 pills to 5 pills. I am somewhat pleased with this, as it is a lot easier on me. I no longer have to fumble with an itty bitty circular pill, trying to snap it in half. But last night I realized the bottle only had 3 pills left. I was quite irritated and perplexed at how this happened, immediately wondering what I had done wrong. Then I realized the bottle says I was only given 18 pills. 18 pills does not allow for me to give her 5 pills for every dose, no matter how much you want it to! Thankfully, it should all be worked out before her next dose is needed. I am just thankful I realized all of this before I needed to give her the next dose! Then I would have been panicking.
I am starting to feel a little better. Well, probably a lot better than I did those first couple of days. But it is still lingering. Mostly just tired and soreness, and a minor stuffy nose. I do hate being sick though because my OCD is really enhanced, trying to keep the germs from spreading in the house. I am always more worried about getting my oldest sick than I am about myself being sick. It was nice to just stay in all this past weekend and relax.
I know I am just rambling on in this post, but I am trying to force myself to write down a few things to keep myself journaling. Really not much has gone on in my world since I have just been trying to relax and feel better. There has been a lot of Play-doh fun, Perler bead creating, and even sewing (not me of course) going on in our house. Now the week has restarted itself once again and we are thrown back into the routine of school work!


  1. I'm glad you're inching your way toward a complete recovery:) I know what you mean about the CDO (see what I did there? XD ). Whenever someone in our house gets sick, we pretty much go into quarantine!;)

    Ooh, peeler bead crafting…I like doing that now and again.

    1. I guess I am now entering into that coughing and yucky sinus phase. Hoping it will be done quickly! And a bit of probably unwanted info....OCPD is when things like CDO bothers someone. That did nothing for me! LOL. A common misconception. Things like a tile being off in a floor pattern, or cups not stacked up properly, that is OCPD. I actually have contamination OCD, where I feeling like things become contaminated just for being in the same room. It can be pretty severe for me at times, making it so I can't touch a lot of things in my own house.

    2. Ohhhh... Now I understand:)

      Hmm. I wonder if maybe I have that; I have this paranoia of getting stomach bugs, and I freak out if anybody is near anybody else who's got can be really severe for me, too, so I'm wondering if maybe I have that...

    3. There are a lot of types of OCD, and phobias. From what you are saying I do not think it would be Contamination OCD. Yours sounds more like a phobia or a fear of something specific, getting a stomach bug (such Emetophobia, a fear of vomitting). Or it could be more along the lines of being germaphobic (which I do believe falls under OCD), more like how Sheldon is on Big Bang. Contamination OCD has a trail. Such as if that person with a stomach bug walked into my living room, I wouldn't be able to step foot in there until he was gone, and would have to sanitize everything he touched, and everything they were close to. It is all about proximity. Close to something, I would have to sanitize it, even if they didn't touch it. Then I would be contaminated for cleaning those things and have to shower. Anything I touched before I stepped into the shower would be contaminated and need to be sanitized. When all is said and done, I will probably even have to avoid touching those things I did sanitize for a period of time (sometimes months), because my mind would not get over that they aren't contaminated. I read a thing once that explained Contamination OCD is like this: if there is one drop of blood in the middle of a room on the floor....the entire room is viewed as contaminated.

    4. Aha! You've nailed it. Emetophobia sounds exactly like what I have…I have a serious problem:( Oh, well.

      That sounds awful:( I can sympathize since I'm a little like that, but it sounds like you have it more severely:-/