Friday, February 20, 2015

Queen Elizabeth I

Since writing up the answers for that literary heroine blog party, I have had Queen Elizabeth I on my mind, especially after watching last night's episode of Reign. Reign is now beginning to encroach into the thickening plot between Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. This is somewhat startling for me, to be watching this unfold, told quite differently through the eyes of the other woman. I want to comfort innocent Mary from Reign, but at the same time shout at the other versions I've seen of her in defense of Elizabeth. My heart seems to be entering new territory that leaves my mind befuddled! It is just reminding me so intensely how one event, even one so incredibly severe as a beheading, can still have two sides of the story, two hearts and minds entering into the story from different places. I wonder how many other viewers are shocked to see Reign unfolding to reveal an innocent loving Mary that you just want to hug, or is it just me?
I make no secret about it, I am partial to Queen Elizabeth I. In my mid 20's I came across her in a novel and was just deeply moved by her, brought instantly to tears by her. There was an instant connection, one that runs deep that has been there for ages, being rekindled. Have you ever had that feeling? That you know a person from history, truly know, somehow, from somewhere? I can watch Cate Blanchett pouring her heart into Queen Elizabeth, and be sobbing on the couch. Tears are coming to my eyes as I write this!
This woman exudes a power and strength of duty that I respect and love with all my soul, and have long before I was born into this life.
I am someone who believes in past lives and reincarnation, so I don't doubt that my instincts about her are stemming from something real. I think we sometimes bump into people, either in life or through records, that can tap into that part of ourselves that keeps those treasured moments or relationships from the ancient past carefully guarded under lock and key. I think for some, it is inevitable to make these connections.
England's QueensThrough becoming aware of this, I have grown to have a deep love in this life of reading or watching anything related to the Tudors. It fascinates me and catches my heart in places I didn't know existed. This morning I awoke and suddenly remembered a book I had purchased with some Christmas money my mother so kindly sent for me, England's Queens: The Biography. I had searched for a book that would encompass the lives of all the queens of England, and settled on this one. I hadn't read much into it, placed it on a shelf and forgot I had it! I am happily retrieving this book today and hope to dig a bit more into it. Reading about queens is really fascinating for me. I started out reading historical fiction on these queens, but have long since grown to appreciate the non-fiction pieces about them more. I can't wait to read through this book in it's entirety, though I am sure that it will take me a long while and I will be sidetracked!

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