Saturday, March 7, 2015

weekend reads

Since my oldest daughter just had her Remicade yesterday, that means an indoor weekend for us. My hubby is working this weekend, so I will be enjoying some TV and reading my new books. I am absolutely enjoying me new novels, and can't seem to stop myself from hopping from one to the other. I have dipped into reading several chapters in The Count of Monte Cristo, which I am loving. The style of writing is simply fun. It is very different than other classics I have read, and is kind of surprising to me. The writing feels a lot like a fairy tale, and I think I am really going to love this story. I have also read a good chunk of The Sharing Knife. I like it a lot, however, it is strange for me. The details of this world and the monsters within are a little hard to understand and the writing is a little different for me. I get sucked in for a bit while something is going on, then when that situation is handled and revealed, I need a break from it (which is probably the biggest reason I keep novel hopping). I am unsure how I will feel when I finish it, but it is at least holding my interest. I took The Sharing Knife to the hospital with me yesterday and got a lot of reading done while my daughter was watching some Disney movies. Those are the two novels I have been mostly reading. I am also feel quite curious to give The Talisman a try. I may read a few chapters in that book today. I am kind of holding off on the King Arthur book, as I think I will enjoy that one a lot more if I can focus my attention on only that reading. 
It should be a fun reading weekend. I am also thinking about doing a craft with the girls later today to make some fun new bookmarks. I have stamps, cardstock, hole punch, and lots of they should turn out awesome!

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