Monday, March 23, 2015

the young woman and the jailer

The young woman cried in the dank, dark room, burying her face into her hands. The bitter cold that surrounded her etched it's way across her bare arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. Her face dripped salty tears as she cried out promises, if only she could find her way out of this mess.
"Quiet in there!" The jailer yelled as he slammed his ring of keys against the rusty bars, the clinking noise wafting to the brick walls where it is immediately stifled.
The woman covered her mouth with her hands as she tried to calm her panic. The sentence of life imprisonment twisted her heart until she could no long recognize it. Please, someone help me, she thoughts to herself, begging for someone, anyone, to remove her from the depressing surroundings that were pulling her to the dirt beneath her feet.
"Here's your sup," the jailor called, pushing a tray through the bars and letting it fall to the ground with a thud. The bread squished beneath the tray as it flipped during the fall, while the cheese rolled towards the woman, collecting dirt along the way. She held her fingers out to catch the rolling cheese, almost in disbelief that her meal was at the center of the ball of dirt.
The jailor laughed as he made his way to a nearby table to gorge himself on roasted chicken. The smell permeated the small dungeon, sending aches and pains through the young woman's abdomen.
Please, someone help me.
She tried to flick off the clumps of dirt collected across the surface of the cheese, realizing there was no way to make it clean again. She brushed as much of the dirt off as she could and popped it into her mouth, whole. She felt the granules of the dirt crunch between her teeth and drying her throat as she swallowed. She made her way to the tray to collect her slice of bread when a grumbling noise grew louder and louder. Soon the ground beneath her was shaking, the bricks rattling in their spots.
"What in the-" the jailor yelled, his voice full of fury and eyeing the young woman.
The young woman bent down to reach for the squished slice of bread as a fire flame rolled through the barred window, the flames engulfing most of the small room, licking the top of her hair.
"Dragon! Yelled the jailor as started to push himself from his small table. A large scaled foot came crashing through the ceiling, landing so close to the table that the debris tumbled towards the jailor, trapping him.
The bars to the young woman's jail cell teetered with a creak as it fell away to a perfect escape.
"Here, over there!" Yelled the jailor, pointing to a metal rod that her skin knew well. "Use that to help pry this off," he pleaded, pushing with all his might against the broken rocks. 
The young woman stood before the helpless jailor as a smile crept across her face. She reached down, grabbed a chicken leg amidst the debris and savagely took a bite as she made her way out of the dungeon and into the bright sunlight.

Written by K, Copyright 2015

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