Monday, March 23, 2015

a couple of new DVDs

While out today I stumbled upon two DVDs at Michael's Arts and Crafts store, about $5 each. I picked up Tin Man: The Complete Mini-Series Event, as my oldest daughter is in love with The Wizard of Oz story, and has been forever. She reads that book over and over and loves the movie. I have never heard of this mini-series and was immediately intrigued, as it has Zooey Deschanel in it. So, I am thinking it will be quite fun to watch. I also found The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which includes 39 episodes and 4 movies. I am not 100% sure how much I will enjoy these, as I usually tend to opt out of older movies, especially older movies without color, but.... it is Sherlock. I have been a little in love with Sherlock since I was a kid, so $5 for four DVDs filled with Sherlock had me quite curious. There is just something about an awesome detective that can solve anything. I doubt though, that anyone on these DVDs will top Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock; he is by far the best Sherlock ever...


  1. Fun! I don't know if I've heard of either of those versions…

    Johnny Lee Miller is pretty awesome as Sherlock;) I haven't watched much of that series, but what I did see…he was good:D

    1. We've watched a little of Tin Man, and so far it is pretty interesting. It is basically a sci-fi interpretation of The Wizard of Oz, which is different than any version I've ever heard of before. The Sherlock ones, eh. I tried watching the first episode. I find it interesting to watch someone's interpretation of Sherlock from the 30's I think it is, but the quality is pretty bad. I'm surprised they even bothered putting it back out on DVDs. I could probably deal with the black and white, and even the poor quality of black and white, but the sound is really tough to hear. I feel like I am just focusing the entire time trying to get what they are saying. I probably wont be watching much of the Sherlock DVD, unfortunately. I don't think my house will ever be quiet enough!