Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shopkins Surprise

I am feeling pretty low this week. I am struggling with my own feelings watching my oldest struggling with hers. She is having quite a tough time being on steroids lately, and it just always break my heart to see. Last night at bedtime, I couldn't even find anything I wanted to read in bed, which is I think a huge indication of feeling depressed. I think I tend to just really be unenthusiastic about reading new things and only want to crack open the comfort reads, and then most times I tend to not crack open the comfort reads because I have utilized them so much over the past several years.
Since my hubby is home today, I went out to Toys R Us by myself to get my girls each a surprise, just to help cheer my oldest up and give her a smile. I got them each a 12 pack of Shopkins, weird little collectible toys that I don't understand. I realized last night that Shopkins collecting is my oldest daughter's thing that she is focusing on during this hard time to keep herself afloat, so I decided I would get them each a new pack so that she would have 12 more little foods and cleaning supplies with cute little faces to add a little more brightness to her collection. Needless to say, they were well received. I also picked up quite a few more packs for their Easter baskets while they were readily available.
Today I might start The Count of Monte Cristo, if I am feeling up to it. If not, I may be cracking open Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. But most of the books I have been dipping into lately are probably on hold for a bit until I feel up to reading them again. Blah.

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