Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Golden Princess #2

King Ceilan bustled around the desk, huffing.
"But when? When will she be rescued?" He slammed his palms against the table. The table swayed and creaked beneath his strength as the seer's eyes bulged from his sockets.
"I am trying to tell you, Sire. I have been pouring over the stars since The Golden Princess was stolen, waiting for the signs. It is now," he explained, gulping down his bluntness. He then busied himself collecting the papers strewn across his desk, hoping the wonderful news will distract the king from further details.
"Now? Why, this is superb! This is excellent! This is the best news I could have expected!" King Ceilan's tiny feet danced around the room, his round belly knocking papers and books from nearby shelves. His laugh echoed around the room, bouncing from one wall to the other. "But how?"
The seer began to shake, his chin wiggling as he groped for words. "It must be a prince, Your Highness." He stared quietly at the king, blinking his nerves back. He took a few steps backwards until he felt the cold brick wall behind him.
"A prince, you say?" King Ceilan asked, full of disbelief. "A prince?" His voice rose a notch as his mind tried to fathom what the seer has told him. "How do you expect that she might be saved by a prince, when there is no prince to send!" His voice boomed as his hands clenched into fists. Tears watered his eyes as his mind wrestled with this double edged sword.
"Y-y-yes, Sire," the seer stuttered. "A prince must rescue her this year, on her sixteenth birthday, or all will be lost."
King Ceilan's brows furrowed as he stormed out of the small room to conceal his pain, for how can a prince be sent when the last remaining prince was sent five years prior and never seen again?
He buried his face into his hands as his shoulders shuttered with the loss of his daughter once more.

Written by K, Copyright 2015