Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Divergent Series is Here!

I'm pretty sure my Divergent box set arrived Friday, but my husband and I were too lazy to venture out into the freezing cold to check the mailbox. So I waited until Saturday, and was so excited to get my hands on the box! They are beautiful books, in a beautiful box set, so I thought I'd share some photos:
The box set all together, the spines of the four books.

View of the box from one back corner.
The other back corner view.

Books one and two.

Books three and four.
The poster that was nestled between a couple of the books.

A close up of the one I am starting on.

Each book has the emblem on in to match the dust jacket. I will only show Divergent, as I will probably show the others up close when I actually start reading them.
The box was a bit damaged on the corners and edges, but thankfully the books arrived in great condition! I haven't really purchased hardcovers, and a box set at that, for myself in a really really long time. I am not entirely sure that I ever have in the past! So this is quite a treat for myself, an cannot wait to enjoy these tales. I really loved the storyline in the movie Divergent, and knowing that books tend to be even better than the movies, I have high hopes for this journey. Anyone else read this series yet? What did you think of it?


  1. They're beautiful!!! *starry eyes*

    My friend loves these books:D

    1. Have you read any of them...or watched the Divergent movie?

    2. To be honest, I flipped through the first book and frankly wasn't that impressed…but that may just be because I'm not much on the whole dystopian genre in general:-/

    3. I don't think it is the dystopian aspect. I seriously couldn't even finish the first book. I was super excited about reading this series based off the movie I saw, but I'd honestly have to say that I don't think that the book is better than the movie. I have never said that before! And the movie isn't super great or anything. I got to page 300 and was just becoming increasingly annoyed to discover that most of the book consisted of the dauntless faction training by beating each other up over and over again and getting ranked. The stuff I liked in the movie is almost non-existent even 300 pages in. It is disappointing. I may eventually read through them all just because I already have them...but probably not anytime soon. And it will be more of a forced read I think!