Thursday, March 5, 2015

books I just couldn't part with

I came across a surge of YouTube videos with readers sharing their top 5 books they'd save in a fire. This is apparently part of a Goodreads group meme, and thought I'd simply write up a post about something similar. I don't want to say they are the top 5 books I'd save in a fire, mainly because I don't think saving books would even enter my mind during a fire. I'd probably be freaking out and scrambling to get my family to safety. I personally find this top 5 title slightly off putting, so I am changing it up a bit to say that it is the top 5 books I just couldn't part with. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are books that are my favorite, but more they are books that I know I would struggle to find them again in the book world, or hold a very sentimental value to me.

Great Expectations
1. Great Expectations. Of course I love this book, one of my all time favorites. I wouldn't doubt that it would be easily replaceable with it being a Charles Dickens', but my specific copy is hardcover, beautifully red, small with a ribbon bookmark, and a Christmas gift from my husband.  I have a lot of good memories reading through this novel. The edition pictured, though, is not my specific edition. I couldn't find it...
The Christmas Box Collection: The Christmas Box Timepiece The Letter
2. The Christmas Box Collection. Again, another easily replaceable book, but it was the very first Christmas gift ever from my husband.
The Poets' Grimm: 20th Century Poems from Grimm Fairy Tales
3. The Poets Grimm: 20th Century Poems from Grimm Fairy Tales. I love fairy tales and poetry, and searched long and hard for a book that incorporated the two. I was so disappointed to discover that this book was no longer being printed and was super hard to find, and when I did, super ridiculously expensive. I lucked out stumbling upon a copy on being sold for just a few dollars. It arrived horribly packaged that caused some damage to the back pages of the book (I even had to cut some parts off the pages). But, I have a copy with all the poems perfectly readable, and ended up getting it free with the damage. I know I would not ever come across this book in an affordable way again. Plus, it is filled with wonderful poems revolving around women and fairy tales, what more could you want?
Beowulf and Other Old English Poems
4. Beowulf and Other Old English Poems. I searched for a really long time to find a translation of Beowulf that I adore. Even though it is easily replaceable now, I'd be afraid that it wouldn't always be, as there are plenty of translations available and I have a really hard time hunting down the specific ones I want for certain books. Not parting with this one would just make it incredibly easy!
5. The Count of Monte Cristo. I have yet to read this novel, as I just purchased it yesterday, but (hoping that I will love it) I did realize after looking it up online that my specific copy with the movie tie in cover is no longer available, other than finding it used. I only paid $7 for it from my local used bookstore, and I really love the cover of this book. Right now, I would be sad to discover that I loved the book and didn't get to keep this version. It is part of what drew me into considering this novel for an upcoming read. I looks so incredibly awesome!

And yes, I just couldn't limit it to five, I had to add a sixth book:
6. Le Morte D'Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table. I have been looking for a good version of King Arthur for probably a good year. I have been disappointed flipping through the many versions I previously considered purchasing, but they did not meet my expectations. I cannot believe I finally have a version that I am pleased with in my hands, with a bonus of the cover being so incredible. I would be sad to part with at this point, especially before I could completely finish reading it.

What about you? What books do you own that you just could not part with?


  1. I have yet to read "The Count of Monte Cristo," as well. Do post about it when you finish; I'd love to read your thoughts on it!

    1. I just started it today, only 2 chapters in...and it is really surprising me! I am finding it really good so far. And for a book to have me saying that within the first couple of chapters means something! I will definitely write more about it when I get farther and finish it. Hopefully it will just continue to be awesome. It is surprisingly a thicker book...which I didn't realize. I have one of those oversized paperbacks and it is over 500 pages.