Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dracula Covers

I cracked open Dracula last night, starting with a bit of the introduction portion, which had me looking a few things up online about the history of this book. I discovered that the very first printing of Dracula was in 1897, which was bound in a yellow cloth with red lettering, which can be found here. There was another printing four years later with a dust jacket that had the very first image on the front of a Dracula book, the only image that was approved by Bram Stoker himself. You can see that cover here. How interesting! I was then curious to look up more about the covers that have been used for this classic, as there were two very different copies with such intriguing covers at my local bookstore. You can easily see that this is a book that has had such a variety of covers through the years by just a simple Google search! You can click here to get an overview of how many different covers there has been. I think that this story is such a tale that inspires so many different book covers that create that eerie creepy feeling that is riddled through Bram Stoker's famous tale. I am hoping that I will be able to actually get through this book at some point, to finally say that I have read the original Dracula tale that has been the inspiration for so many vampire stories since. I do wish I had at least taken a photo of the other Dracula book I found in my local bookstore, it was strangely creepy and beautiful. I have not seen one like it before, with Dracula laying in a grave half exposed from the ground, surrounded by flowers in a garden. It terrified my youngest, so she insisted I choose the other. Next time I go there I will see if I can find it to snap a photo!

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