Sunday, March 15, 2015


This flash fiction piece was written in response to the prompt marriage provided by The One-Minute Writer.

I walked carefully, slowly down the isle, all eyes on me. I could feel the lacing of my dress tugging beneath every step I took, my fingers delicately crossing beneath the bouquet. I watched the man standing at the end of the isle, picking at his fingernails. His hair stuck up in all directions, most likely from rolling out of bed to make it here in time. I wondered if he had even brushed his teeth.
I was soon standing across from him. He watched me, blinking his eyes several times. He smiled, but a goofy smile that turned my stomach. I instantly looked to my mother who was seated in the first row, surrounded by guards. She knew my look was to double check that I absolutely had to go through with this, and she nodded her reassurance. I knew the dire need for me to marry this unwanted prince, I knew what it meant for my kingdom. I held out my shaking hand to allow for him to slip on the ring. It was a tad snug, sticking to my skin as he pushed it up my finger with more force. Finally, with my finger aching like a wild a pig stuffed into a dress, I gazed down at the ring that would mark my hand for the rest of time, covered in black speckles.

Written by K, Copyright 2015


  1. Very well-done! It's rather sad, but so well-written! A shame it's just a flash fiction…you SURE you don't want to continue with it?

    1. LOL, no, it was just a once scene moment. You can read some of my short stories here if you want, although a few of them are probably borderline flash fiction as well...

    2. These are probably the only two on my blog that are true short stories: The Whistle and the Timepiece:
      and The Thanksgiving mouse: