Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Golden Princess #1

They call me The Golden Princess, though I am nothing so beautiful to be honored with such a name. My hair isn't even that pretty bright golden color that most princes fawn over, but is instead a dirty brown, like a wash rag that has been used to clean off the muddy hooves of a horse. Even so, all who know of me call me The Golden Princess, though my real, long forgotten name is Adelaide.
Why do they call me The Golden Princess? It is suppose to be a gift, bestowed upon me by the great dragon, Bellan. She visited my parents castle just after I was born, breathing fire into the window that overlooked my crib. This wasn't just any dragon fire, but a magic fire, given as a gift. She told my parents that the given flame will make me valuable in my kingdom, bringing my kingdom into prosperity.
But I have not been in my kingdom for years, stolen from my crib that night, whisked away into the darkness. Here I sit in this dungeon, as I have for the past 16 years, on my birthday, wondering when I will be rescued.  

Written by K, Copyright 2015


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I read correctly on your sidebar that this is part of a story shared ever Sunday?! That would be so awesome!!!!!

    I'm eager for more!!

    1. Yes, well, I am attempting to do so at least. Not sure how it will work out yet, but hopefully every Sunday I will have a portion of the tale to share. Nothing too serious of a story, just a light and fun story, mostly revolving around fairy tales in some way, as you can probably tell!