Saturday, March 14, 2015

weekend reads and teeny tiny mini people

I'm sure it is not too much of a surprise to hear that this weekend I will be reading a bit from Gulliver's Travels, The Count of Monte Cristo, and possibly Dracula. I started reading Gulliver's Travels last night, out of pure curiosity, and am very drawn in. So far I find it intriguing, yet perplexing. His discovery on the island he is stranded on is very interesting, but his actions are perplexing me, making me want to understand this Gulliver more. I am thoroughly enjoying the idea about an island inhabited by a bunch of teeny tiny people the size of our fingers. It brings me back to my childhood when I loved watching The Littles on TV, and marveling at the idea of little teeny tiny people living alongside us. For me, this story reads a bit like a fairy tale. I think I have said that a lot recently about books! But for me, a classic characteristic of fairy tales is just things happening or relationship occurring just because, without explanation or details. In certain books, of course, can be a sign of poor writing, but in others (which I seem to be discovering a lot lately) whose plot and writing hold it up, are to me, reminiscent of fairy tales. I am actually enjoying Jonathan Swift's writing style.
If I can pull myself away from Gulliver's Travels, I will start The Count of Monte Cristo back up. I peeked in the two editions I have and realized the chapters are all different, so I think I need to just start over. That makes me a little bummed! But I will get over it. I am feeling quite intimidated to pick up this book though from the size, but once I force myself to just crack it open, I will be good! I am also still interested in continuing on with Dracula, but not certain if I will pick it up again this weekend or not.

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