Friday, May 22, 2015

What have I been up to?

I have been a little absent on here I think. Maybe more scarce is the correct word? But in all honesty, I haven't been up to much. Most of my time has been me trying to get my girls all caught up on their school work so that they will be completely done with their curriculum before summer break, which I am pleased to say they are right on target. I have also been thoroughly enjoying my ukulele. I have to say, I am really loving having an instrument in my life again. I practice about an hour every morning before my girls get up, and sporadically here and there during the day whenever I have some time. I always find it extra fun when I am practicing in the early morning by myself, the rest of the house quiet, and birds chirping along outside! I am not 100% sure a ukulele is the instrument for me, but we will see. I am dedicated to exploring it further and finding out. I am having a lot of fun with it. I have developed some lovely calluses on my finger tips that have already peeled and returned. For some reason it makes me feel accomplished knowing they are there. I don't remember my fingers going through that process when I played the viola, though I'm sure they did. I do wish we had a nice sheet music store in our area though. I would love to just browse through music books and find ones I really like that I can visually see are within the playing range of the ukulele. But, I do have my two ukulele books that I just need to dig into more.

I've also been in the mood to make some new doll clothes, though I can't seem to get much into crocheting lately. I think I am a little burnt out from crocheting. So, I dug out a small pile of fabric that I own (for reasons I am completely unaware of). I am not really a big fan of sewing. I hate using a sewing machine, so anything I attempt is hand sewn, which means it is time consuming. But, I managed to figure out how to sew a decent pair of pants for a Monster High doll. I am quite proud of it! Draculaura is loving her new Perry the Platypus pants!


  1. Congrats on your kids being caught up! I'm usually behind in something at summer break;)

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your ukelele! And wow, an hour a day! I've been playing piano for about seven years, but I still only practice for 45 minutes. I admire your perseverance! :D

    Those are cute doll pants!:)

    1. Thanks! Well, I've had a couple of days where I couldn't practice my ukulele much, and my momentum has been dashed! I am still trying to work my way back up to being more dedicated. I am at least practicing a short time every day right now.