Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Grimm Monday #1

The Frog-King Quote:
"Then she was terribly angry, and took him up and threw him with all her might against the wall. "Now, thou wilt be quiet, odious frog," she said.
But when he fell down he was no frog but a King's son with beautiful kind eyes. He by her father's will was now her dear companion and husband. Then he told her how he had been bewitched by a wicked witch, and how no one could have delivered him from the well but herself, and that to-morrow they would go together into his kingdom."
Click here to read the full story, though it may not be the exact same edition I took this quote from. You can find the exact edition I am using in the menu under My Grimm Monday.
I was a bit shocked to read about how the frog became a prince in this tale. I think we all have that vision of the lovely girl kissing the frog to transform him. Knowing that she is so completely disgusting by the slimy green frog and throws him against the wall, triggering his transformation into a prince... is quite startling! Not to mention it doesn't make sense. She was the only one that could transform him, but why? Was being thrown against the wall the requirement? I would love to have known the premise or foundation for this bewitchment, and what the message behind this story was meant to be.
I can already tell in this very first story, that these tales seem to take the dark side of human nature, making them shine into twisted tales of how unfairly the world works. This is much different than what we all see today, where the basis for all revolves around love, and good winning over evil. It is very evident that these tales were intended for adults, those who have grown to see the harshness of the world and can appreciate these tales that showcase it. I am anxious to read on!

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