Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cinderella in the thrift store?

Since my daughters and I love dolls (it has kind of become our way to bond...long story), and seem to spend way too much money on them, I've decided to start giving thrift stores a try. This is actually very huge for me, as thrift stores are kind of a trigger for my OCD. Since I was very young I have really despised thrift stores, they kind of freak me out. They still do. I hate the smell of them. I try to avoid touching everything, and refuse to look at anything other than the dolls to see what treasures we might discover. And even then, I will only dish out money if it is in near perfect condition and EVERYTHING can be thoroughly sanitized to my high expectations. So, this new endeavor is really pushing me out of my comfort zone.
So far we have only checked in our local thrift store 3 times. The first time we found a couple of good books (the one I got for me, I still haven't felt comfortable enough to sit and read it...but I will get there), and a bag of 2 Bratz Babyz fashion dolls and a cafĂ© play set of some kind for only $3. The second time my youngest lucked out big time and found a bag for $5 filled with all kinds of Mix and Match Lalaloopsy doll parts. There ended up being enough parts in the bag to make 3 complete dolls!
Today, I found a Disney Cinderella toddler doll! I have been wanting to get a toddler doll for a long time, but just haven't wanted to spend the money, unsure if I would enjoy making clothes for one. This one I found was in near perfect condition, with her original dress. The dress still needs to be washed, but she is freshly sanitized (several times), and her hair was thoroughly washed (several times). Her hair looks a little fuzzy in the picture, but I am pretty sure that is because I washed her hair with really harsh soap (it looked better prior to the washing), and it is still wet. I need to fiddle with her hair a bit. I think she is probably one of the prettiest Cinderella ones I have seen. Cinderella would probably not be my first choice, but for only $4 I could not pass up the chance to finally own one! Now I can get started in making some bigger doll clothes and see what I can come up with on a larger scale.
I did some searching and discovered she is actually a real Disney Store toddler doll, before they started making the Disney Annimators dolls. I am pleased with my find! We are officially on a doll buying ban though...thrift store and other. I've spoiled myself and my girls a bit too much in that department lately.


  1. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! I personally love thrift stores because I'm kinda stingy, but if I think about it for too long it could start to freak me out :-/

    Anyway, the Cinderella toddler is adorable!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure it is just a good phase that I can handle it right now. When I enter back into a bad phase of OCD, I wont be able to step foot in the store! At least I got a cute doll out of it!