Thursday, May 28, 2015

sewing doll clothes

I've been having a lot of fun sewing some doll clothes lately. I already have a small pile of fabric, but I stopped in Joann's Fabrics this past weekend to see if I could find some other pretty fabrics, only to discover that all their clearance fabrics were 50% off! Clearance fabric is about the only kind of fabric I buy, and I really only buy a very small amount, since doll clothes doesn't take much. I tend to have only 1/4 yard cut for each, which actually allows for quite a bit of clothes to be sewn from it. I got a bunch of new fabrics (my girls did as well). I think altogether we picked out about 12 different fabrics and paid only $8. It was pretty amazing. Everything the dolls are wearing in the photo I made (although the middle doll's shirt is a no-sew shirt), which I am also pretty amazed about. Me and sewing don't normally go together. I can't believe I am actually producing useable outfits! My Maleficent doll is one of my favorite dolls, given as a Christmas gift from my youngest. She is sporting some lovely monster pants. I got my Ariel doll from Disney World a couple of summers ago, beautiful doll. She is loving her new pajamas! And the middle curly haired doll is new; I found her at Toys R Us last week and couldn't resist. Since when does Barbie make a curly haired blonde doll with freckles?! She didn't come with a name, so I appropriately named her Riley Poof. Unfortunately, she came with one eyebrow paint a bit messed up (she was the only one available), so I've told my girls it is just a scar from a her podracing on Tatooine. Anyways...I've also made several doll pants for my daughters as well. I think up next is a pair of pants with dinosaurs all over it, a patterned picked out by my youngest!

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