Monday, May 4, 2015

Reading Log: April 26 - May 2

I have been thinking a lot about trying to become "a better reader", in the sense of reading more a variety of authors and books. This doesn't necessarily mean dipping into all genres, but mainly trying to force myself to look past classics and just simply try to finish more books overall than what I normally do. I tend to start and stop, start and stop, never finishing books. Now I am trying to explore and find more books that make me actually want to finish them, rather than placing them back in my tbr book stack. I have grown into a book hopper, and I much preferred it when I wasn't (many years ago!). I am aiming to get back to that time when I felt excited to be reading the book I was reading, and allowing it to hold my attention through to the last page.
I was so impressed upon how much a readathon had me anxious to read more, so I've decided to start trying to keep track of how many pages I read every day. Not sure if I will always share these logs on here, but it may be fun to every now and then! So, here is my first week's log:

Sunday- 37 pages
Monday- nothing
Tuesday- 138 pages
Wednesday- 147 pages
Thursday- 12 pages
Friday- 26 pages
Saturday- nothing

Week total: 360 pages
Books read from: 6
Books finished: 1, Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix


  1. I know how you feel: I have a couple reading goals I hope to accomplish myself:-/

    Good idea about the book log!

    1. Isn't there always reading goals? LOL. I am liking the book log...for whatever reason, it sort of keeps me reading...