Thursday, May 28, 2015

doll sleeping bag craft idea

I have been having a bit of doll fun with my girls lately and came up with this super inexpensive doll craft idea....sleeping bags! What little girl doesn't want to have sleepovers with her dolls?

The most basic material needed is a felt sheet. You can find these in your local craft store. I know A.C. Moore's, Joann's, and Michael's sells them, and they come in all kinds of colors and patterns. The basic solid colored felt sheets sells for $ .49, and the patterned ones are up closer to a dollar. Then all you need to do is simply fold the felt sheet in half the long way and stitch the bottom and part of the long side closed. This can be done using a needle and thread, yarn, hemming tape, or even hot glue! For ours, we also cut and added a strip of colorful fabric across the bottom, which was super simple to just stitch in place. We then used the same fabric to sew a simple pillow we stuffed with fiber fill already in our house. We made several sleeping bags for dolls that basically cost us only $ .49 each, as we had all the rest of the embellishments in our house!

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