Friday, May 15, 2015

Cockles and Mussels....Oh My!

I decided to completely humiliate myself and share my progress on my ukulele in the area of chord playing. You are free to laugh as you wish, as I am well aware of the giant pause each time I have to play a specific chord. I'm still trying to master the crazy fingers! I suppose you can now get a little taste for what everyone in my house has been hearing me singing for the past several days! I think my oldest is hating Cockles and Mussels at this point, but my ever cheerful and positive youngest just continually tells me how wonderful it all is. Even just now I heard her faintly singing Cockles and Mussels from the other room. My purpose for sharing is mainly to force myself to have fun with it all. I wanted an instrument that would allow me to not be so serious and that I could play in a very casual way, and I am finding myself trying to "master" it all in a perfectionist sort of way, so I am trying to remind myself to just have fun. Hope you enjoy!
What musical instruments are in your own life? I'd be curious to know!

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