Saturday, August 2, 2014

sunday reads #6: Christmas Tales

The Christmas Box
This week I have had Richard Paul Evans The Christmas Box trilogy sweeping through my mind. My husband gave me a  nice paperback copy of all three books in one on our very first Christmas together, almost 13 years ago. I then went on to pondering a lot about this book, as this is a book that comes to my mind a lot, and I've noticed it always seems to during the summer. So I was asking myself, why is that?
I realized that I love Christmas stories. I am drawn to Christmas stories (I've even manage to acquire a lot of random childrens Christmas chapter books). There is just something about Christmas tales that attract me. I've noticed a lot of avid readers go through a phase each year where they desire to read middle grade books. Apparently I have discovered for me, it is Christmas tales. Of course I love them at Christmastime. For many years I even created my own tradition of writing a new Christmas short story to pass out to family and friends for Christmas. But, I also always seem to crave some sort of a Christmas tale around this time of the year. And as Richard Paul Evans' trilogy is a special book to me and always available on my shelf, that is the book that is pulled down to fill that need (and the book I always shove into my purse when we evacuate for a hurricane). I admit that I have read The Christmas Box many times, but I have yet to reread the entire trilogy as a whole. I am sort of in the mood to do that right now. (I always get so ambitious when it comes to reading books, but so many books grab for my attention all at once). There is just something magical about Christmastime, and how the focus of tales revolve around the good nature of people and tending to those around us. It is just one of those moments every year that leaves me thinking....anything could happen. It is a time when adults and children connect and break through that age barrier and when the lines of reality and imagination are blurred. I think for me in general, Christmas isn't necessarily anything religious, but more spiritual in how it is a reminder that realities can be more than what we think, and simply that people matter. I think that tends to be a message that I love hearing and being reminded of, that tends to be fulfilled through movies and magical tales in books. So, I am thinking I will be enjoying some nice hot chocolate today while I dig into The Christmas Box, and maybe work on a jigsaw puzzle with my daughters.

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