Saturday, August 9, 2014

mini American Girl doll short tank crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2014
Materials needed: size 10 crochet thread and a siz 2 hook
- Chain 41, DC in the third chain from the hook and across, Ch 2 and turn
- DC across each of the 39 stitches, Ch 2, turn (repeat this step again, bringing it to a total of 3 full rows of DC)
- DC in the first 7 sts, Ch 5, skip the next 5 sts, DC in the next 24 sts, CH 5, skip the next 5 sts, DC in the last 7 sts, Ch 2, turn
- DC in the first 2 sts, combine the next two sts, continue to DC across while combining 2 sts over each armhole and combing 2 sts (twice) in the middle of the row; also combine 2 sts when there is 4 sts left, and DC in the remaining 2 sts. This means you will be combining 2 sts for a total of 6 times throughout this row.
- repeat the previous step, though using SC rather than DC
- finish off
-cut a longer piece of crochet thread and just lace the back closed, similar to tying a shoe (after you put the shirt on your doll)
* The skirt is also easily sewed, and can be adapted to any length. I simply cut a small strip of stretchy fabric that does not need to be hemmed because it does not fray, and stitched 4 pleats across the front. I did not pleat the entire skirt because I simply stitched the entire back of the skirt closed. If pleated all the way across, the sewing would prevent the fabric from stretching (which is needed to put it onto your doll without Velcro or snaps). For an easy tutorial that helps to explain how I sewed this skirt, please check out this lovely YouTube video created by Disney Ever After that opened my eyes up to how simple it is to sew doll clothes. 

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