Sunday, August 3, 2014

American Girl movies

I recently stumbled upon a collection of 4 American Girls movies at Walmart for only $9.99. The set included Kit Kittredge, Samantha, Molly, and Felicity. I also purchased the newest American Girls movie Isabelle, and with a coupon on the DVD, I got the McKenna movie for only $2.50. If you have any little girls that love anything and everything American Girls, you know why these movies are a must! Most of the movies were new to us, and we've been watching a new American Girl movie almost every night lately. I am a sucker for historical fiction type of movies like the 4 pack, especially when they are suited for kids to enjoy. I love watching how being exposed to these stories literally opens up a new world for my girls...well, historical worlds that brings a whole new understanding and appreciation for the things in our world now. While I can't wrap my mind around dolls that are so costly, no matter how well they are made (even though my daughters each own one), I applaud their efforts in teaching young girls about our history through young girls their own age that they can relate to, through books and DVDs. History is a hard concept to grasp sometimes, it is nice to see a company dedicated in trying to share the stories of many who have lived so long ago with our young ones today. Love it!

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