Wednesday, August 13, 2014

sunday reads #8: vacation style

The Official Quotable Doctor Who: The Wit and Wisdom of Doctor Who The Silent Stars Go By Doctor Who: The Stone Rose
I had a lot of trouble trying to decide which books I wanted to bring with me on vacation. I was hoping to get a little reading in on the drive, as my hubby will be driving, and also I really enjoy reading a tiny bit in bed every night before I fall asleep. I decided I was in a Doctor Who mood, so I settled on packing two Doctor Who novels and a book of quotes (which I love reading in bed at night). I am thinking one novel for the trip down, one for the trip back, and the book of quotes for my nighttime reading. I am sure once the trip gets started my reading wont go as planned, so I am sure it is quite ambitious for a week that will be filled with four days of Disney World, a day at Sea World, and other fun stuff. I foresee exhaustion beyond abilities to read!
Though I am posting this (a tad early) for Sunday Reads, this is basically what I will be diving into every now and then all week when I find some down time. So my Sunday Reads will consist of one (or a little bit of all three) of these novels. Doctor Who is just plain fun, which will help get me into the mood for lots of family time!

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