Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet Molly: An American Girl

Meet Molly: An American GirlMeet Molly: An American Girl by Valerie Tripp
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I have been trying to get into several American Girl books, as we have quite the collection. I started a few that just didn't grab my attention, but Meet Molly pulled me in from the first paragraph. I really loved this book, it reminded me so much of the Ramona books that I use to read as a kid. She is mischievous, getting into trouble with her brother, and has a silly fun personality that is revealed to the readers through her actions and thoughts. This particular book takes place during WWII, and during the Halloween season. Basically her and her friends are trying to decide how to dress up for Halloween, angering her brother in the process by teasing him about a girl he likes. He declares he will get even, and even he does! His revenge involved a lot of freezing cold water and soggy Halloween treats. The revenge planning doesn't end there, for Molly that is. Now she needs to get even with her brother, which involves a lot of her brother's socks and underwear, and a whole lot of embarrassment! It is a really short cute book that had me chuckling in a few spots. The illustrations within the book are detailed and very nicely done. There is also of course mention of the war and a section at the back of the book that explains into more detail what it would have been like to live during Molly's time. It is very informative without getting too dry, which is spot on for kids. I really enjoyed this book and will be continuing on in the series of Molly books.
My only complaint about this book, and really any of the American Girl books, is how heavy each book is. The books are printed with extremely nice quality, but the pages being so much more thicker than usual, it makes for a heavier book. In my opinion they are each too heavy for a small chapter book for children, especially if you have a small stack that includes entire set of one American Girl. Every time I stack up the American Girl books in our house to move somewhere else, I am always in shock of their weight for such small stories. Seems wasteful, and possibly unpractical for what they are.

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