Monday, May 6, 2013

there is a pirate in my pantry

Tossing and turning, awoken by a
Humming and singing, almost a chant
Emanating from somewhere, leaving me
Randomly searching for its source, until my
Ears guide me to my pantry door

I stand before the closed door, many odd
Sounds hidden behind, my curiosity peaks

Aprehension rises from within as I hesitate

Palms sweaty with nerves as I pull open the door
Indiscreetly ready to discover the culprit-
Right before my eyes stands a miniature,
Able-bodied pirate gathering up all of
The cookies and pastries I had stored to
Endulge in whenever I see fit.

It's mine! He hollars at me, drawing his
Nougat sword, waving it all around

My sweets! He adds, his uncovered eye twinkling
Yellow candies roll from his pockets, bouncing,

Pattering on the shelf as I attempt to
Answer this strange thwarty creature, his
Naked feet scampering around
To collect my favorite peanut butter treats
Rhymes and chants fling from his mouth as I
Yield my pantry to a goody thieving pirate

by K, Copyright 2013

*I decided to challenge myself tonight by coming up with a fun nonsensical sentence and trying to create an acrostic poem around it. What do you think, a success? Or just down right silly? I'd have to say down right silly...but fun.