Sunday, May 5, 2013


Tableau unfolding before me
Heralding a new season
Each person anxious for the future
And what it may bring
The chatter quiets as all are
Enchanted by the scene, actors
Relaying tales of hope, otherwise unseen

by K, Copyright 2013

*Another poem inspired by my reading of Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, by Edith Hamilton. I have been reading the section on Dionysus and found the idea of the festivals that were thrown in his honor to be so magical and fascinating. Here is a quote:

"It was in a theater; and the ceremony was the performance of a play. The greatest poetry in Greece, and among the greatest in the world, was written for Dionysus. The poets who wrote the plays, the actors and singers who took part in them, were all regarded as servants of the god."

I've always thought the idea of play performances during early times in history must have been something so amazing to behold. For some reason, I just always think how much fun it would have been to be in an audience and watch one of these ancient plays, written in Greece, or by even Shakespeare, unfold before me. This festival for Dionysus sounds like it would have been just magical! 

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