Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my wintry home

Many homes I have had, lonely tears
Yearning to lay down roots

What my inner depths call home
Is not where I am, but where my soul
Nestled against snowy peaks in
The near distance, where my eyes could
Remain closed, but see the frozen beauty
Yet feel the warmth of the crisp white snow melting me

How my bones ache to feel that
Ominous chill against the skin on
My face and deep within my lungs
Evermore, my frozen fleeting Alaska

by K, Copyright 2013

*The plight of many military families, I'm sure. This poem is about my love for a place that I only had the blessings to live in for 4 years, and know that I will probably never have the opportunity to return. I took the photo while I lived in Alaska...it's beautiful mountains that I have much missed for many years.

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