Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish all my mommy readers a Happy Mother's Day! I unfortunately have two little ladies at my house that are sick. My youngest has been battling croup this week, while my oldest is just starting to come down with the beginning phase of high fevers. So my motherhood is well at work lately, staying up all hours of the night tending to many bloody noses and trying to console my little ladies.
They did, however, give Dad some requests on gifts they wanted to give me for Mother's Day, in which he set out late last night to hunt them down...

My oldest has started a tradition of getting me blank lined books for writing, which I really love to recieve from her. I especially love the blue one, as I love birds. The red one is actually a lovely mauve pink color that just doesn't show up right in the picture. My youngest requested a special pen or pencil for me to write with. So I now have a very special pen that came in a beautiful box with a plate on the front engraved "I love you!", as well as an engraving on the pen "Happy Mother's Day". So then my hubby took it upon himself to create and engrave two plates himself, one for each of the books, engraved with "Happy Mother's Day" and "I love you!" for my oldest to give me. So I'd have to say that I got some pretty extra special gifts this year, and I am anxious to get my thoughts and imagination flowing onto the pages!
The first photo is one I took of an amaryllis flower a few years back, and the second is my lovely new gifts, taken today.

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