Tuesday, May 14, 2013

her red lips

Her red lips tighten,
frowning upon the old woman before her.
She can't decide if this woman
is worthy of her trust or not.
Finally, as always,
she gives in to the notion left by her father-
she focuses on the good within the old weary woman.
Come in, she tells the woman,
her red lips shifting into a smile.
After resting her tired feet,
the old woman wraps her worn cloak tighter
and sets off on her way, pausing
to offer a plump red apple in return.
The apple is graciously accepted.
After the old woman has left,
she rubs the apple with her fingers
and takes a delicious bite.
Before she can taste the sweetness of the fruit,
a bitter flavor invades her mouth.
The poisonous insect that is her stepmother
begins to bleed throughout her body,
dropping her to her knees.
Her breath quickly fades
until she is lying on the ground
waiting to be found, thinking
how delightful the old woman's company was.

by K, Copyright 2013

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