Sunday, June 29, 2014

what kind of writer am I?

I use to be mainly a short story and children's writer. Over the past few years I think my writing has shifted a lot, to more serious or intense topics (such as A Love Song). I know a lot of this is due to my entering the waters of a much different world, being the onlooker of a loved one with a chronic illness, while developing my own OCD in the process. I have since been trying to find myself more in the space of writing, trying to figure out where I belong. I do still long to write more childlike playful pieces (such as The Thanksgiving Mouse), but have been pulled deeply into poetry (Power of Pain or Bauble), along with the fascinating discovery of flash fiction (such as Golden Gates), which I think fits my mind perfectly. I tend to envision certain scenes in my mind that have nothing else surrounding it, nothing but a specific moment or feeling that continues to play in my mind, haunting me until it gets written down. That is why I think I am so drawn to poetry and flash fiction now days. I don't know if that means that is the kind of writer I am, I kind of just go wherever my mind takes me!

* This was written from the journaling prompt over at The One-Minute Writer.

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