Friday, June 27, 2014

the cookie

She carefully crept down the stairs, her bare feet gently pressing against the floorboards. She grasped the bannister as she maneuvered her body awkwardly, avoiding the creaking spots that would sound off an alarm. Her breath quickened as she grew anxious, nervous to being caught. She blew a stray strand of hair off her eyes so that she might better concentrate on her task at hand. A soft whistling sound wafted through the air as she accidentally used her newfound talent. She paused, alert, listening for her own betrayal, then continued until she was finally at the bottom of the staircase. She walked cautiously to the kitchen, running her hands along the countertop in the darkness, feeling for the slick cold feel of the jar. Her fingertips grazed it, sending goose bumps up her arm as she quietly fumbled for the lid. Her free hand was immediately inside the jar, retrieving her most longed for treasure. She pressed it to her lips and breathed deeply through her nose to smell the wondrous scent before swiftly biting into it. Crumbs rolled down the front of her shirt and onto the floor, waiting to be found in the morning.  

Written by K, Copyright 2014 

* I initially started this flash fiction from Velvet Verbosity's writing prompt (stairs), but of course it ended up much too long to add it to their listing. You can check out the post from that blog here.

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