Saturday, June 28, 2014

power of the mic

Earlier tonight we stopped at our small local bookstore. I had remembered seeing a used (nice condition) hardcover Charlotte's Web. Since I saw it, the book has been haunting my mind. I think probably everyone knows the story, and even remembers being exposed to the story in elementary school. However, I never recall actually reading this book. Even in elementary school, I only remember sitting on the floor of the library around a television to watch the movie. I don't think I have actually ever read E.B. White's words. For some reason, I have been craving to do so. I was saddened to discover the book was no longer there (though their computers said it should be), and opted not to purchase their other softcover used copies, as they were pretty yucky looking.  I must get my hands on this book sometime soon though!
Even though my book search was not a success, we stumbled into the store a few minutes shy of open mic night. What? I had no idea! So my hubby, two daughters, and I sat on the couch for a while and had fun watching a band of three jam their hearts out, a wild haired man sing and play his guitar (with more gusto than I have seen anyone do so), and a brave young teen share a personal poem. I always love watching people perform something they have worked so hard on. You can tell they have passion for what they are doing, even in all the little girls that participate in my girls' dance recitals. I love watching them stand proudly, sharing what makes them happy, sharing the fruits of their labor with whomever will watch or listen. It reminds me the importance of people being creative in that way. I know so many strive for that career, to be famous for their skill, become a celebrity for what they love to do. But really that isn't what matters, it is giving the heart room to soak up these wonderful moments, whether it is in front of a group of ten people in a tiny bookstore, or plastered between two hardcovers on every bookshelf. It all matters, and is wonderful to watch. 

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