Monday, July 13, 2015


The young girl carefully rose, first pulling her head up from her knees to peer around her. The darkness of the mausoleum was pierced by a stream of bright sunlight that found its way through a crack in the wall. She reached her hands out before her, trying to touch the dancing dust that meandered across her face in the bright light. Unsatisfied, her eyes began to investigate the details of her surroundings more intensely. She saw nothing but hard, dark stone that was cold against her feet.
A moan escaped her cracked lips as she tried to stand, straightening her stiff legs. She touched the soft pink gown that was draped over her naked body, rolling the translucent fabric between her fingers. Her blonde hair, slightly matted, sprawled out around her face and shoulders.
She wandered around the small mausoleum, her steps slow and calculated. Her feet were dusted with dirt that was caked between her toes, sluffing off with each step. Her heart began to pound so loud that it hurt her ears from within, realizing that she was trapped inside the stone box. Her eyes grew wild with fear, watering with every moment that passed. She began pounding her weak fists against the stones, barely making a sound to be heard. She opened her dry mouth, pushing out wails of desperation that scraped against her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks, making shining trails against her dirty skin. She pounded against the walls with her fists so hard the skin along her palms split open to reveal the long forgotten life residing within.
After hours of screaming, traces of red blood smeared across the walls, she gave up and return to her corner, collapsing to the cold stone floor. She once again pulled her knees up close to her chest and lowered her head to wait…

Written by K, Copyright 2015

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