Saturday, July 25, 2015

I am still here!

I know I have been quite absent on here, but I am hoping to jump back into the swing of things.
About a week or so ago we decided spontaneously (kind of) to move. We have been talking about moving for some time, I think all of us just dreading the process when it wasn't actually required. But a couple of weeks ago I just woke up and found myself saying out loud, "We need to move." And that was the start of it! The next day we went in to speak with base housing to see about finding a new unit to move into, receiving the keys the following day and starting a week long journey of packing, moving, exhaustion, and all that good stuff. Even though it was probably a simple move in the realm of moving, considering we were just moving into a different unit on the same base, it somehow became one of the most exhausting moves ever. But it is done! We are in our new unit, boxes still amidst, but we are comfortably in our new home.
Why did we move? There was few reasons, but it really simply comes down to...we needed it. Since we moved into that house (almost 8 years ago), so much has gone on with our family, health wise, and we needed a change. Working with energy a lot to help my oldest daughter, I came to understand that our house just had a lot of bad (unhealthy) energy that was part of the land where it was situated, and it was really affecting us all negatively. The feeling I get in our new house compared to being in our old house is night and day. I always felt so sluggish in our old house, like I was literally surrounded by stagnant energy that I just could never seem to clear or escape from. I am loving our new and all! I am most excited to see how this big change will impact all of us, my oldest daughter's health especially. I am already noticing some sleeping differences. In our old house I use to need 9-10 hours of sleep (which was unusual for me to begin with), and I could take up to another hour trying to get myself out of bed, and still need a nap later in the day! Already in the new house I have found myself waking up after about 8 hours of sleep, on my own, and feeling rested.
Aside from the big change in moving, we have also been dealing with a lot of medical issues with my oldest daughter. Unfortunately she has been sick a lot this summer, preventing proper summer enjoyment. Mainly she has just been sick with viral stuff, but I just took her in again yesterday because it just doesn't seem like she is healing properly. Crohn's Disease is also running amuck in her body, which has now decreased the time frame between Remicade infusions. This makes me sad. She will now, after 4 years of taking Remicade every 8 weeks (aside from the initial couple of months of building it up in her system), she will be going in every 6 weeks. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with doctor appointments and homeschool stuff I need to get situated, so it may be a tiny bit before I am back to writing posts like I use to be. But I am looking forward to life calming down for us- hopefully very soon!


  1. Oh, wow! I HAVE definitely missed you, but that's so exciting about your big move! Best of luck with your new house:D

    I'm sorry your daughter has been sick this summer:( Prayers and blessings for you and your family!

    1. Thanks! Sorry it took me so long to publish and respond to your comment. I had seen it in my email, and for some reason I was thinking I had already done so!