Monday, June 15, 2015

Quotes Magotes Announcement

I have been feeling a little blah about my blog lately, so I've given it a new look. It is all decked out with Gaston and his lovely ladies! All of the photos were taken by me during a Beauty and the Beast show at Disney World a few summers ago. I just adore all of these photos because I love the bright vivid colors. Plus, I caught so many funny moments that the pictures crack me up whenever I look through them. I thought my blog needed to give a few smiles! 
I've also been thinking a lot about trying to come up with something new to add to my blog. I decided to give sharing quotes on a more regular basis a try. I will be starting a weekly meme called Quotes Magotes. I have been struggling for a week or so trying to come up with a fun and creative name, and just couldn't. I asked my husband today and he suggested Quotes Magotes! I thought it was perfect, and so here is the announcement. I am thinking that for now I will be posting a quote every Monday. This quote will be pretty much on anything- any quote I come across that I just love. It could be from books, movies, tv shows, or even just from a person in my life! This next Monday will be my first Quotes Magotes posting, and I am a tad excited to be starting this new meme on my blog!


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    1. Thanks! I am a bit partial to it as well!

    2. Super sorry by the way, I fumbled with my tablet and accidentally deleted your comment Olivia!