Thursday, January 2, 2014

dancing jester

I have an imposter that resides in my head;
he dances around dressed in purple and red.
For he is as much a jester as a jester can be,
he is someone that's quite opposite of me.
I tell the truth and he will lie;
he makes me frustrated and makes me cry.
This dancing jester can ruin my day,
even if I am happy he gets his way.

Written by K, Copyright 2014


  1. i have felt much the same...
    and all they do is laugh.

  2. that was interesting and promoted thought.. I think we all have another person within...

  3. It's like Fight Club in limerick form. Nice.

  4. I remember when my inner jester took over, Back in the Day. You took me back with your poem. I discovered my journey was getting rid of him. You will, too:)

  5. Maybe he can be harnessed for good?

  6. Those jesters can be such a pain in the butt.

  7. I think perhaps we all have an 'opposite person' inside of our heads. Ha, we have to show that jester who is in charge!!

  8. Where is that bright line differentiating constructive from destructive self criticism? Keep the jester, just keep it in it's place.

  9. love the rhyme and the play of light and shade...