Saturday, April 20, 2013

an epic poem?

I've always been a writer, short stories mostly. But with the way my mind is constantly drained these past few years, I have stories dancing within, but no concentration or energy to get them down on paper. I was thinking last night about how poetry seems to be my outlet now, as opposed to traditional story writing, and wondered if putting my stories into poetry is something I could give a try. So my mind wandered, grandly, to epic poems, and wondered...could I?
So I did a little searching and realized I completely don't understand the form that was explained for traditional epics, no matter how many times I read about it on different sites. So that would be out the door. But then I stumbled upon the 9 muses in Greek mythology, and was instantly intruiged beyond turning back. Every site I searched on how to write an epic poem included the step of invoking one of the 9 muses (mostly suggesting Calliope, the muse of epic poetry). However, I was entranced when I stumbled upon Melpomene, the Greek muse of tragedy (as I most love tragic stories). My breath was taken away once I started searching over statues of Melpomene, seeing how beautiful they were, and how amazingly eerie her mask looked. How magnificent!
The thought of invoking a muse to help my poetry flow leaves my mind and fingers tingling.
Now...I need to think.

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